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Coastal Sustainaility Consortium

The Coastal Sustainability Consortium (CSC) is a collaborative effort between participating Louisiana Universities whose faculty are leaders in coastal issues. The primary objectives of the CSC are to:

  • Address critical scientific, engineering, social, legal and planning issues in the design and implementation of coastal restoration and protection projects
  • Enhance science, research, education, outreach, economic development, and technical assistance with organizations involved in coastal restoration and protection
  • Provide technical advisors to state and federal agencies for applied science, engineering, social, and legal information needed to restore and protect coastal areas of Louisiana collecting data and information, and synthesizing it into effective systems for analysis, display, monitoring, modeling and outreach
  • Assuring that scientific, engineering, social and legal information meets a reasonable high standard for use in programmatic and project related decisions by assisting with independent review
  • Understanding the challenges and provide the science and engineering needed to assure the best coastal restoration and protection for the state
  • Provide forums for sharing new information and ideas, and approaches for coastal restoration and protection
  • Promote development of new concepts, methodologies, and tools for solving coastal issues related to restoration and protection
  • Provide education and training for individuals involved in coastal restoration and protection
  • Improve communication of information about the Louisiana coast within and among academia, agencies, and educating the public and decision-makers about issues in Louisiana’s coastal area
  • Serve as a national model for organizing interagency and interdisciplinary science and engineering to support planning and implementation of coastal restoration and protection

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